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112 Pinner Road Northwood Middlesex HA6 1BS

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As you age wrinkles and fine lines develop on your face and often make you look older than you feel.

Wrinkle correction injectables can relax the lines in your face, giving you a more youthful appearance. Our team designs your treatment plan for your unique anatomy to ensure your outcomes are subtle and natural.

How does the process work?

Using very tiny needles, we inject a naturally occurring protein into the facial muscles at the target location.

The protein relaxes the muscles by prohibiting the nerves to communicate with the muscle cells, so the lines and wrinkles in your face soften and fade, diminishing their visual effect.

What facial areas do you target using wrinkle correction treatments?

Crow’s feet, frown lines, bunny lines, lipstick lines and other fine lines respond well to wrinkle correction injections.

Will the treatment hurt?

Other than some possible slight bruising and swelling around the injection site that goes away within a day or two, the treatment causes minimal discomfort.

How long before the injection takes effect?

The effects can be seen within 3-4 days, and the full results express themselves in about 3 weeks.

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