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112 Pinner Road Northwood Middlesex HA6 1BS

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Call Us Today: 01923 820 509

112 Pinner Road Northwood Middlesex HA6 1BS

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Precision Smiles provides orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth and give you a healthy and beautiful smile.

Your orthodontist will design a personalised treatment plan to meet your needs and ensure you receive the care that will be most beneficial for your smile.

Orthodontics focuses on correcting irregularities of the teeth and jaw, especially in how they align. There are several orthodontic systems available, and we will make sure you receive the one that is right for your personal needs. Orthodontics can correct teeth that are misaligned, crowded, rotated and spaced. We can also correct overbites, underbites, crossbites and an open bite.

Orthodontic treatment is now faster, more comfortable and more effective, making it a great time to straighten your smile. It is also beneficial to your oral health. Correctly aligned teeth are at lower risk for problems like tooth decay and gum disease because your teeth are easier to keep clean. A corrected bite also enables you to eat and chew properly.

At Precision Smiles, we offer our patients interest-free financing options for orthodontic treatments.

Orthodontic treatments at Precision Smiles include:

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