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2nd December 2014

How To Care For Your Removable Functional Appliances

The success of your functional appliance treatment depends on wearing the brace as much as possible.

All removable appliances are to be worn full-time unless instructed otherwise. Full-time means virtually 24 hours a day, including sleeping and going to school or work. The only time the brace is to be removed is for eating, cleaning your teeth and brace after meals and during sports (including swimming).

Instructions for Use:
  • Frequently, in the early stages, there may be some discomfort with the removable brace, however, wearing them as much as possible will
    quickly accustom the mouth and any discomfort will ease.
  • You may experience some speech difficulties and more saliva in the mouth for the first 4-5 days of wearing your retainers, but this will disappear. Practice reading aloud with the brace in the mouth as this will help your speech rapidly return to normal.
  • Clean your retainers thoroughly after each meal with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste or clear soap. You may use a retainer cleaner (e.g. Retainer Brite) for an extra clean if you wish. Do not use boiling water or bleach.
  • When the removable appliance is out of your mouth it should be kept safely in a rigid retainer box.
  • If the brace breaks or is uncomfortable, continue to wear it (if possible) and telephone the practice for an appointment. Small bits of plastic can sometimes break off the brace – this is of no concern if the appliance stays in. Any sharp edges can be smoothed with
  • sandpaper or an emery board. If a metal part breaks, continue to wear the brace and ring the practice for advice.
  • If you lose/ break your removable appliance there will be a charge to replace them.
  • If you have a brace with a screw that you must turn, please turn it the number of times instructed and always turn it the direction of the way the arrow points. The orthodontist can easily turn the screw back to see if it has been turned enough. Do not turn the screw and not wear the brace – this is because the brace will quickly lose fit and may mean you need to return to the start of treatment. Seek an appointment immediately if the brace will not stay in your mouth.
  • Continue to see your own dentist for regular check-ups.
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